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Why Games in Arabic?

01. Experience


Working on game localisation for years gave us immense experience with working on all kinds of game genres, across all types of game engines.

We promise quality product within a reasonable deadline.

02. Pricing

There are no hidden middleman fees. We only charge what we believe is a fair price based on the wordcount. It is a very straightforward process.
If your game is very small (~1000 words), we may consider accepting other forms of payments.

03. Focus


We are what some may call a micro company. We, however, like to call ourselves a small team of professional friends.
You can choose to work with one of us, some of us, or the whole team. It depends on what YOU want and when you want it.
This gives us noticeable advantages over larger translation agencies; 1) The ability to concentrate our efforts on no more than one or two clients at a time. 2) The ability to focus on Arabic only and help with any technical issues that may arise from integrating the language into your game, even post release.

Who are we?

Games in Arabic is a group of translators, proof-readers, designers, and programmers, passionate about games and localisation, and have been working on games since 2014.

In the second part of 2020, we decided to take advantage of our linguistic and technical experience and bring the team into its professional phase. We've already worked on more than 10 games since then.

Our approach is to produce a translation that is on the same level as the source text, while aiming for a modern and natural sounding Arabic without sacrificing grammar or quality, in order to appeal to the widest audience possible in the target market.

What are our services?

Our Services

Localisation Testing

If you are seeking to measure the quality of a project, or maybe simply looking for a second opinion, we offer to test and proofread translation and localisation projects, by looking for lingual and technical issues. We could suggest changes or add improvements ourselves if the client desires.

English to Arabic

The essence of Games in Arabic. We can translate text, or localise the whole game into Arabic, ensuring high quality results with reasonable speed (agreed on with the client). Our services include game translation, proofreading, promoting the project on our pages and website, and full post-release support to fix any problems with the translated text.

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