Who is Games in Arabic?

A translation team that was founded in 2020, which evolved from a group of professional in addition to passionate translators who have been working consistently in the field since 2014.

From day one, our goal was to create high-quality content in Arabic through localising games to serve the Arabic-speaking audience. We continued, persevered, kept evolving, and here we are entering a new chapter of our adventure. A chapter where we focus on achieving the highest quality possible, while maintaining the modernity of the language to appeal to the widest audience in the target market.

Our translation philosophy is to mix the complexity of the Modern Standard Arabic (which is heavily regulated, but not actually spoken in everyday life), with the modernity and easiness of local dialects (without compromising proper grammar of MSA).

Our localisation philosophy is to find a balance between the source and target languages and cultures. We also try (with client approval) to localise as much of the product as possible, including names, terms, and logos.

Why translate your games into Arabic?

According to Knoema, game revenue in Arabic-speaking countries, last year, was more than $2b. It is not a small feat by itself, but it has the potential of going much higher in the upcoming years for a number of reasons:

1. Political stability: Things can only get better for most of these countries, specially those in current turmoil and high population, such as Iraq and Sudan.
2. Technology: Internet speed is getting better and better, which makes buying games legitimate digital copies and using online stores a much easier experience. As Valve said once: “piracy is more about convenience than price.”
3. General approach. The number of games being localised into Arabic is increasing, which creates a loyal local fan base to game franchises and their developers, especially on the long run. With high quality localisation, this will also make it the norm for most Arab gamers to play games in Arabic, even those who can speak English well.
4. Population growth rate: more people equals bigger market, and a number of Arab countries are some of the highest when it comes to population growth rate.

All of the above will only strengthens the local gaming culture, whether in general, or in relation to the expectation of localised games that take the local audience seriously, both on lingual and cultural levels.

Why Games in Arabic?

01. Experience

Working with game localisation since 2014, taught us to work effectively as a team. Our translators, proof-readers, designers, and project managers work together to release projects as soon as possible, with the highest quality possible.

Our latest project was Resident Evil 3, and it took the team only 2 weeks finish.

02. Pricing

Despite our long experience, dedicating ourselves to work directly with game devs and publishers is still new to us. Therefore, we must compete with other localisation teams and companies to prove our worth. The most effective method is offering competitive prices. That means you will take less risk entering the Arabic-speaking market, while maintaining the desired quality.

03. Focus on English to Arabic

As opposite to the majority of localisation companies, we focus on two languages only. Everything we do revolves around localising to the Arabic language (even our name). This gives us the ability to deal with any specific issues related to the language and tackle them swiftly.

04. Additional Services

When we localise your game, we will also offer free additional services. They are as follows:

a- Marketing and promotion: We will promote both your game and our collaboration on our pages and website, which equals thousands of potential players.

b- Full post-release support: Our goal has been always to serve Arabic-speaking players and aim for a high level of quality. Therefore, we ensure to tackle and fix any issues that may arise after releasing the game, especially post game updates.

c- Designing a logo for the game (if the client was interested): We can either simply transliterate the name, translate it literally, or come up with a completely new name.


Our Services


English to Arabic

The essence of Games in Arabic. We can translate text, or localise the whole game into Arabic, ensuring high quality results with reasonable speed (agreed on with the client). Our services include game translation, proofreading, promoting the project on our pages and website, and full post-release support to fix any problems with the translated text.


If you are seeking to measure the quality of a project, or maybe simply looking for a second opinion, we offer to test and proofread translation and localisation projects, by looking for lingual and technical issues. We could suggest changes or add improvements ourselves if the client desires.

Marketing and Promotion

Around 30,000 gamers follow us on our pages, in addition to millions of visitors to our website. Advertising for your game or any game-related products on our pages/website is the smart choice and will help to promote your name in the region.


Service Enquires


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